Who is Chell?

Hi! First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. The fact that you are reading this makes me really happy and I appreciate it so much. I am Rachelle Delizo, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate from the Polytechnic University of the Philipppines Santa Rosa Campus. 20 years... Continue Reading →

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Eto na yun?|| Maxi Mango’s Mango Float Review

Last Friday (February 1), I was at MOA doing errands and I realized that Maxi Mango had a stall there so I took the opportunity to finally try the most hyped Mango dessert in the Philippines. Luckily, when I arrived at their stall, there were no long lines and I didn't have to wait for... Continue Reading →

The Mango Graham Crumble Hype

October 15, 2018 A while ago, me and my friend Francine went to Festival Mall to do some errands. Before going home, we went straight to Mad Mango because we found out that they had the Mango Graham Crumble that everyone has been talking about. I was kinda nervous because I have been craving this... Continue Reading →

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