WishCard with Art in Island (My first event!)


Last Saturday (September 22, 2018), Wish 107.5 held an event for Bloggers and Vloggers at Art in Island. This was my first EVER event as a blogger so I woke up at 6 AM and was on my way by 9 AM but I arrived in Cubao at 1:30 PM (I repeat, 1:30 PM!) Traffic in Manila is such a pain! So, when I finally arrived at Art in Island, I didn’t know where to go because I was alone and had no friends. Kuya guard noticed me and asked me to come over (I looked like a lost child) and asked me if I was there for the event, he then led me to the other entrance where the registration table was (You the real MVP, kuya guard!). I signed up on the registration, put on my foot socks, and was welcomed by the coordinators of the event. I was a nervous wreck! I sat at the back and looked for familiar faces. Then, I finally saw Sab Andres, a lifestyle blogger whom I met on Instagram and Facebook. This was the first time we saw each other personally and I was so glad that I found her. After a while, I sat with them and was introduced to other bloggers and vloggers which were Chelsea Sayo, Malou Francisco, April Tayas and Rika Bajacan.

When the event started, the hosts were introduced, they oriented us on the day’s activities, the responsibilities of the bloggers/vloggers, then introduced the CEO of 1kSolutions Inc. which tackled more about the event’s main goal.


After the orientation, the contract and snacks were distributed to everyone. I was served with the Corn Cheese Toast and a Royal soda. At first, I was shocked because everyone else was served with toast that had amazing toppings while I was served with this, that time I still didn’t know the name of the dish but to me and the gals’ surprise, mine tasted so good! (If you’re a cheese lover, high five!) Lesson learned: Never judge a book by its cover, or better yet, Never judge a toast by its toppings.


After signing the contracts and finishing our food, it was time for the tour around Art in Island!

Here are some photos of the artworks inside the museum (myself not included in the art tho):



S/O to the most supportive photographer, April! Almost all the photos are from her haha!

Besides the artworks, Art in Island also had a 3D Art + Media Art Show at 5:00 PM. Won’t show the video so you have to see it yourself!

After the exhausting but fun tour, we got our contracts and merch and went home as official bloggers and vloggers of Wish 107.5! Ya girl’s an official blogger now, people! It definitely was a day I would forever look back to and I have my new friends to thank for that. I would also like to thank Wish 107.5 and 1kSolutions Inc. for having us and opening an opportunity to bloggers and vloggers like us.

WishCard merch – phone case from @HypeCases

Go download the Wish 107.5 App to get your own Wish merch! You can also visit their social media accounts here:

If you’d like to know more about Art in Island, you can check their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/artinisland/

Check out my girls’ blogs and vlogs too!

Sab Andres

Malou Francisco

April Tayas

Chelsea Sayo

Rika Bajacan

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  1. I can’t move on with that toast! 😂 we’re making you feel like ‘oh, it’s ok.. malay mo mas masarap yan’. And geez, totoo nga!!!


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