The Wish 107.5 App guide (and free stuff!)

Are you a fan of the Wish Bus? Do you like free stuff? If you said yes to both of my questions, then you’re in the right place (or blog). Wish 107.5 has created an app with 1kSolutions Inc. to reach out to Wishers from all over the world!

So what’s in it for you? Well, you get merch from Wish for absolutely FREE, you get a personalized WishCard (also free), you get easily redeemable points, you also get discounts from stores that you love, and you never miss out on the latest happenings in the Wish Bus. Sick, right? If you’d want to know how to get those, then keep on reading.

First, you need to download the app. You can find it on the App Store if you have an iPhone or Play Store if you have an android phone. In my case, I got it from the Play Store.


Next, after installing it, this is what you’ll see when the app opens

screenshot_20180925-170309_wish1075 app3352617341244309697..jpg


If you’re a new user, you may create an account or continue as a guest.

To create an account:

1. Click the Create Account

2. After doing step 1, you will be asked for your email. Input your email then click Register.


3. You will be sent an email containing the verification code which you will need to continue creating your account. When you have received the email, type the code then Submit. If you did not receive a code, you may click the resend button or contact


4. Next, you will be directed to your Account page where you’ll need to enter your First Name, Last Name, and Password. When you’re done with that, click Submit.


5. Once you’re done setting up your account name and password, you finally go to your Profile page. (I already have an account but I made a new one to show you the steps) This is where you can put your picture, first name, last name, mobile number, address, email, birthday, and gender. The address is required if you would like to get your own FREE WishCard which you can redeem at a Wish 107.5 Merchant partner near you (yes, you read that right). When you’re done personalizing your profile, click Save.


6. After saving, this should appear. LXEF0TN


Now, that you have created your account (or if you continued as a guest), let’s head to the main pages of the app.

This is what you’ll see:

1. News Feed

This is where you get the latest updates in the music industry, about the Wish Bus, your favorite artists, and posts from the official bloggers and vloggers of Wish 107.5.


2. Rewards

This is where you’ll see your points and all the Wish merch that you can redeem with it.


3. Live Streaming

This is where you get to listen to your favorite DJs on Wish 107.5.


4. Promos

This is where you’ll see all the perks and discounts you can avail from Wish’s Merchant Partners. Right now, there are still no available promos but stay tuned because they’re coming in soon!


5. More Options

  • Promo Code tab: where you’ll enter the Promo Code (which I will discuss in a few)
  • Promo Scanner tab: where you can scan the QR Code of the promo
  • My Rewards tab: where you can see the rewards you have claimed
  • My coupons tab: where you can see the coupons you have availed from the Promos page.
  • Partners tab: where you can see the Merchant Partners of Wish 107.5.
  • Bloggers and Vloggers tab: where you can see the partner bloggers and vloggers of Wish 107.5.
  • Be a Partner tab: this is where you’ll see a video on how to be a partner of Wish 107.5.
  • Inquiries tab: this is where you can contact Wish 107.5 for questions or concerns.
  • App Settings tab: where you can manage how you want your settings to be.
  • Log Out tab: where you can opt to log out of the app (but why would you?)


Also, the top left button (your picture) will lead you to your profile while the top right button (the bell) is where you’ll see your notifications.

By now you’re thinking, how do we get the points? So here’s how:

When you click a new post on the News Feed, you will see a code at the end of the page (see picture below).


Now that you have the code, go to the More Options page and click the Promo code tab. Type in the Promo code, then click Submit.


A notification will tell you that you have successfully redeemed your points. These codes can only be redeemed by a limited number of people so you better stay updated and keep those notifications on!

When you have enough points, you can claim any merch from the Rewards page or avail any coupon from the Promos page and get lots of freebies and discounts! Ain’t that amazing! Now, how are you going to redeem this at the physical stores? That’s where the WishCard comes in. When you go to a merchant partner, you have to present your WishCard to be able to avail the perks and discounts from the app.

For more info on the Wish 107.5 App and WishCard, here are the links to there social media accouts:

It’s that easy! So what are you waiting for? If you still haven’t downloaded the app after reading all of this, go download it now!




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