If you told me years ago that I will be blogging about a cafe that I personally love, I would’ve told you that you’ve gone mental. Being in Cafegraphy again felt so surreal. The last time I went to the coffee shop was back in college when we were doing thesis work and the shop was still located near the Pavillion mall. Cafegraphy was a comfort place for us. The place where we can forget about the stressful thesis and just relax for a while.

As a partner of WishCard, I, and my fellow blogger Rika Bajacan (RikaNobela), had the privilege of being the v/bloggers who will get to meet the owner of Cafegraphy on October 7, 2018. I absolutely had no clue who the owner was and I was so nervous as this was going to be my first time doing an interview. The day came and being the shy person that I am, me and my sister entered Cafegraphy without saying that I was there for WishCard and ordered food while I waited for ate Rika to arrive. So when she finally arrived with kuya Guil (her husband), she introduced us to Sir Kyro and then we started the interview.

A summary of the interview with Sir Kyro:

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Kyro Loanzon is the owner of Cafegraphy. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management from the University of Perpetual Help System Binan Laguna.

Cafegraphy started way back in 2016. He and his friends did some brainstorming and that was when Cafegraphy came to life. Cafegraphy has this photography concept because he, his friends and cousins, loves photography. So the idea came from a kid who also loves photography. The kid introduced the idea of mixing photography and a coffee shop.

The first name that was proposed to the group was “Cafe photography” and after a while, the kid came up with the name “Cafegraphy” and that is where it all began.

Originally, Cafegraphy was meant only for Kyro and his friends. It was supposed to be a private place for their meetings and other agendas. In 2016, his cousin proposed that they open Cafegraphy to the public. Being the first coffee shop near the university, their business was the fastest to gain fame from the students. For only 2 years, they already have 36,000 people following their Facebook page. He never attended workshops for photography. It was pure love and passion for Kyro on doing photography as a habit.He was also not a coffee lover back then. So it was mainly the kid who loved the coffee and cake idea that introduced it to Kyro since coffee was starting to trend with the current generation aka “The Millenials”. The first frappe that he loved was the Matcha flavored frappe. After that, he invested in coffee makers that would make the coffee dream come to life. That was when he fell in love with coffee. At first, they struggled with their customer service. Having a few baristas who were not highly trained to lacking enough staff for fast order processing, the reviews were bad.There were instances that the staff would stumble to serve the drinks since in their first venue, their coffee shop vacated the first and fifth floor of the building. Imagine having to serve five drinks while walking up the stairs, right? When they had enough funds, they upgraded their coffee makers, hired more staff and switched to a more spacious location where their staff did not have to go up and down the stairs. Kyro used those bad reviews and criticisms as a fuel to make Cafegraphy even better. Up until now, they never stop upgrading their resources. His goal is to give the consumers coffee and food that exceed the value of their money without hiking up the price point. Also, he dreams of making Cafegraphy a landmark in Laguna by expanding branches all throughout the area and making the food and beverages taste and feel like first class.

A little background on Sir Kyro Loanzon:

He did not work after he graduated although he tried but did not really feel that he belongs as an employee. So he started doing network marketing business where he saved up in order to fund his business which is now Cafegraphy.

His advice to aspiring business owners:

“Make a business about something that you are passionate about. When you love what you are doing, you will never run out of ideas and that is what will keep your business growing. You need to think out of the box. This is what I learned from Wish. Sir Daniel Razon’s eye for innovation is beyond limitations. I want to be like that”

The advantage of being in partnership with WishCard:

“Wish 107.5 FM is really trending nowadays and I don’t think they’ll ever step out of the spotlight. If you’re a new business owner, you should really grab the chance of being a partner of Wish most especially if they are the ones who are extending their hand in partnership. They’re on a rocket ride and I don’t think they’ll ever come down.”

After the interview, we were served with delicious food and drinks while we enjoyed the rest of the evening.

The experience was overwhelming for me. I was a nervous wreck the whole time but I came home with a happy heart (and tummy). I really admire how dedicated Sir Kyro is in pursuing his goals for his business while also thinking about the consumer’s point-of-view. He puts his whole heart in what he does. He is a great example for all the future business men and women out there. Cafegraphy is a coffee shop I really love and I am so glad that I got to know its story. Forever grateful for this opportunity and for WishCard. If you are in Laguna, you have GOT to visit Cafegraphy and try their amazing coffee blends and delicious food that are affordable. Not being biased but I highly recommend going to Cafegraphy. Also, everything is Instagram worthy. From the walls, to the decors, chairs, tables, food and the ever famous lens cup! So to all the coffee and photography lovers out there, what are you waiting for? Head over to Cafegraphy as soon as you can!


Shop hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10am-9pm
  • Sunday: 2pm -10pm


  • 2nd Floor Lady Rose Lane Building National Highway Biñan City

Social Media Accounts:

The Menu:

Outdoor Dining area

Indoor Dining Area

Photobooth area

The workstation (where the magic happens)

More photos:

In focus: Oreo Cream FotoFrappe 16mp (mine) , in the background: Coffee Jelly FotoFrappe 22mp (Ate Rika’s)
The Barkada Platter
Fettuccini ni Ka Alfredo
The Boss, Sir Daniel Razon’s book on Cafegraphy’s table. 11CE8PF
Blue Raspberry Soda, Green Apple Soda, and Strawberry Soda (Best soda I ever tasted) and Kuya Guil in the background
Behind the Scenes
Ate Rika, Me, and Sir Kyro
The smiles are proof that our tummies were very much satisfied

Watch out for ate Rika’s vlog to see more of what we experienced in Cafegraphy.
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