The Mango Graham Crumble Hype

October 15, 2018

A while ago, me and my friend Francine went to Festival Mall to do some errands. Before going home, we went straight to Mad Mango because we found out that they had the Mango Graham Crumble that everyone has been talking about. I was kinda nervous because I have been craving this for sooooo long and I didn’t want to  be disappointed because of all the hype. We were hoping that there was no long line and fortunately, there were only a few people at the stall so we immediately ordered ourselves a Mango Graham Crumble.


We didn’t wait too long for our orders to come since they made it so fast which is a good thing since I was beyond excited to try it out so when we finally got our orders, we took a spoonful. It was the magnificent feeling of exploding flavors in your taste buds!



The mangoes were not so sour, the graham crumbs were not rationed, the mango ice cream was not too sweet and the cream just balanced it all. To me it was the perfect amount of sweetness that you would definitely come back to over and over again. I was lost for words the moment I tasted it. I just kept saying “Ang sarap talaga!” (It’s really delicious!) and I knew that this deserved to be known by A LOT of people. This deserved the hype because IT IS WORTH THE HYPE! So without having second thoughts, I asked them if I can make a video promoting Mad Mango and I am beyond grateful that despite their busy time, they accommodated me and granted my request.

A little bit of background about Mad Mango:

Mad Mango originated in Australia and was brought here to the Philippines 2 years ago. Their first branch was in SM Southmall then they expanded and had a branch in Festival Mall Alabang, and now they have a branch in SM Calamba. Sir Jay and Sir Adam are the owners of Mad Mango and they have been serving delicious frappes and smoothies since 2016.

Sir Jay was beyond kind to let me have a quick interview with him for the video and blog even though customers were already lining up for the Mango Graham Crumble (Seriously!).

So I would like to thank Sir Jay and Sir Adam for lending me their time and for creating a delicious dessert that everyone will surely love. I am very grateful and honored for having the privilege of speaking to the brains behind Mad Mango and I will surely come back for more!!!

Besides the Mad Mango Graham Crumble, they also have other delectable drinks and desserts like smoothies, milkshakes and crepes!


You can visit them at:

  • Festival Mall Alabang – Level 3 Expansion Wing
  • SM Calamba – Level 3 Near Cinema

You can also check their social media accounts whenever they release new drinks or desserts here:

Here’s a message from Sir Jay:

I hope I have given you an insight in how heavenly and delicious the Mad Mango Graham Crumble is. You gotta try it out yourself. Let’s continue to support businesses whose goal is the satisfaction of consumers more than their money. Hope you had a mango-tastic day, lovies!

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