ADTEL Inc. : The future of bright and secure homes

ADTEL Inc. had its mini product launch last November 10, 2018 at Y Cafe from 1 PM to 5 PM. I arrived past 1 PM that day due to traffic (ugh, typical Manila problem) but fortunately I was still a bit early because they started the presentation at 2:00 PM.

Photo not mine

When I got inside, there was a registration table for the bloggers that also had the box where you throw in your name for a chance to win the raffle (I honestly did not expect to win anything because I know that I am not very lucky with raffle draws.)

Photo not mine

After that, I immediately went straight to the table where my blogger friend/mom Sabrina Andres was sitting with a newly acquainted friend, Avie Marucot. Also, they showed me the iDual Portable Light in the Clover design and how it works.

A few minutes later, we were all called to proceed to the function room where the presentation was going to be held.

When we entered the function room, I was so happy with the anime art on the wall because my boyfriend LOVES (and I mean, LOVES!) One Piece and Naruto and I wish he was there to see it in person

Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto (Photo not mine)
Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

The presentation was led by Mr. John Lim, the General Manager of Igloohome – Southeast Asia. He introduced us to the Igloohome, the Smart locks and its amazing features.


Igloohome is a smart access company based in Singapore. They help manage homes & properties through innovative technologies. Their products have been sold in over 90 countries.

The story behind Igloohome’s smart locks:

“Anthony Chow, a Singaporean who studied electrical engineering and machine learning at Stanford University, designed the Deadbolt 02 with Igloohome co-founders, Kevin Ho and Walter Wang Yue.

While staying in the US, Chow and his friends were avid Airbnb hosts who faced a key problem: access. They had to spend the time to pass keys to their guests, which was tough when guests arrived at odd hours. When guests lost their keys, they had to change locks.

So they went to look for a smart lock solution, but couldn’t find one that was suitable. That’s when they decided to build their own smart lock, which they hacked together from various other locks on the market. They launched Igloohome in July 2015 with their first Wi-Fi enabled smart lock, which let them set custom PINs for guests through the internet, without having to meet them.

The Igloohome Smart Lock was warmly received by fellow Airbnb hosts, but there was one problem; the Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi went down, the smart locks wouldn’t update with the new PINs, and guests got locked out. Chow joked that the solution would often be to simply restart the router. But as you would expect, locking guests out led to bad reviews, which was bad for business.

So the Igloohome team set out to make a better smart lock, one that didn’t need Wi-Fi. After six months of R&D, Igloohome released the Deadbolt 02 in March of 2016. That was when the team returned to Singapore, to keep costs low and expand into the Asia market.”from an article by Alvin Soon.

Igloohome has received numerous awards for their innovations such as coming in as the winner or top finalists for CES Asia in Shanghai, iF Design Talent Award, SITF in Singapore,Expo Real in Munich, Global Sourcing in Hong Kong, K-startup Grand Challenge in Korea, and many others.

Igloohome has also been covered in many publications worldwide such as TechCrunch, CNET, ChannelNewsAsia, and more.

Here’s a short video on how the smart locks work.

Amazing. I KNOW. My mind was silently saying “Ooooohhhh Aaaaahhh” the whole time because I was so amazed by everything about the smart lock and how innovative it is.

Why did I say that this is the future of secure homes?

The smart locks are just like the ones you see on famous and luxurious hotels. But wait, the Igloohome smartlocks are so much more than that. It has 3 Modes of entry.

  1. PIN code – the Igloohome smart digital lock comes with a led touchscreen and can be unlocked by tapping in an 8-digit PIN code BUT there’s a twist. There are three types of PIN code for the Smart lock
    1. Master PIN code
      • meant for home owners’ use
      • is always active
      • can be changed and viewed by the home owner from the igloohome mobile app
    2. Temporary PIN codes
      • can be created from the mobile app anytime, anywhere
      • exact time and date at which the PIN code becomes active and when it expires can be set through the mobile app as well
    3. One-time Access PIN code
      • can be used only once
      • useful for when you have hired services for your home or when you are expecting packages while out of the house
      • once it expires, they are no longer accepted by the lock
  2. Bluetooth
    • you can enter your home with just your smartphone by tapping ‘Unlock’ from the Igloohome mobile app (given that you are in a close distance if the lock)
    • you can send a bluetooth key to a guest (similar to PIN code)
    • you can view the history of the exact dates and times when your smart lock was unlocked via PIN code or Bluetooth key with the Igloohome mobile app through Access Logs.
    • the app also features Access Alerts where you will be alerted whenever someone enters your home using Bluetooth key in real time features.
  3. Physical Key
    • in case of an emergencies (eg. if you are unable to change the batteries of the lock before they run out of power), you will be given a physical key to unlock the lock.

Are you now interested in availing one for your home?

They currently have three (3) types of locks to offer you

  1. The DEADBOLT 2S – The World’s Slimmest Smart DeadboltTransparent_Deadbolt2S_01_FrontDeadbolt2S_Side Perspective minimal desk
  2. The MORTISE – The Smart Lock Goes PremiumTransparent_Mortise_01_FrontMortise_Lifestyle02_A4.png
  3. The KEYBOX 2 – The Smart Lockbox for Remote Access



Each lock has its own special features so you definitely have to check each one out and choose the one that will suit your liking.

But wait, there’s more!

Igloohome is coming up with a new product which is the Padlock. Curious? Watch this:




The Padlock is yet to be released be we are so stoked for its grand launch!

To know more about each of the products, you can check there website here.

From the smart locks, let’s go to the iDual Light!

“While LED lights have long been in the market, its main selling point has always been its energy efficiency and long lifespan, but LED lights are more than just economical light sources; with the right technology, they are capable of so much more.

The iDual product family combines everything you want and more in your lighting in one simple remote. On top of dynamic color scenes, we provide you with white light scenes and white light presets. We have included a color wheel that lets you gradually adjust the color to your liking. Pick the color you like, adjusting the intensity to the level that you want. You can even blend between full colors and pastel colors to create the perfect hue. Whether it’s something as ordinary as waking up in the morning to something as special as a romantic evening with your significant other, you can be rest assured that you always have the right light to set the mood.”


Now what caught my interest the most about the iDual light is that they have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the type of light you want. And when I say a lot, i really mean A LOT. Let me show you.

This is the iDual Remote.


The iDual Remote offers much greater control and convenience with a slim and soft design. The adjustable wide IR range helps you choose all the iDual luminaire at the same time, while the narrower range helps to point control the light. The new slimmer design and soft texture ensures that your controller is as pleasant to the eye and touch, as it is empower you to be in charge of your lighting conditions.

You can choose whether you want a warm light for studying, a bright light for selfies or for when your vlogging, a dim light for sleeping, there’s just so many options to choose from for every occasion you can think of!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are their current models and designs:

  1. Light Source – A E27
    • offers true equivalence when it comes to replacing any incandescence with enough brightness
    • its real white light is of the highest quality
    • covers a wider light area.
    • it very easy to install, of a high quality and of reasonable priceBulb-A-E27-iD60-lighting copy.jpg
  2. Portable Light – Dahlia and Clover
    • would fit well in just about any setting that you can think of
    • very easy to use
    • characterized by an eye-catching aluminum die cast base which has a high quality touch and with an equally high quality frosted glass design for fancy decoration effect
    • best part: THEY DON’T HEAT UP.
CLO-WH-lighting_0408 copy


Still need a bit of a push? Watch this:



Tip from me: The iDual lights would be a great Christmas gift for your loved ones if you still haven’t thought of any gift to give them.

To know even more about the iDual Lights, you can check out ADTEL’s Facebook Page here.

Going back to the launch, when Sir John finished the presentation,  the bloggers were given an opportunity to ask questions regarding the smart locks.

To summarize the Q&As:

  • The Igloohome Smart lock’s durability will last up to 30 years
  • The battery will last up to 1 year
  • The warranty ranges from 1 to 2 years depending on the model

When they were done with the questions, of course, an event would not be complete without a photo op after the presentation.

Photo not mine

Then it was finally time to eat.

I had a mini burger, shrimp on bread, hotdog with cheese on stick, and iced tea

The food was okay since it was for merienda but what made the eating worthwhile was that I got to chitchat with my friends and other bloggers which was such a fun experience.

While we were eating and chatting at the same time (no, we did not talk while our mouths were full. don’t come at us), the raffle draw began! The first prizes were the iDual lights which were what I was targeting to win but I honestly didn’t hope because like I said, no luck in raffles. When the winners were picked we were laughing so hard because none of us at the table got to snack one of the dual lights which we all wanted. Then the next prizes were the smart locks (aka the jackpot prizes). We started to ignore the raffle draw since we gave up all hope in winning anything so we chatted instead but when they called out the name of the first smart lock prize winner, my blogger mom Sab told me that I won and I was so shocked and panicking and happy all at the same time because this was my first time to ever win a raffle draw!

Photo not mine
Photo not mine
Photo creds to Sab Andres

With that being said, I would like to thank Ma’am Jermainne, Sir Erwyn and Sir John for the blogging opportunity and for this amazing prize (which I struggled to take home because I was carrying thousands of pesos in my hands haha!) I am beyond grateful for this amazing blessing.

Besides the blog and the prize, what made this event more special is that I got to meet more bloggers who are now friends of mine as well! (happy crying)

Here are some more photos from the event



Here are the prices of all the products from the event:


Links of everything will be here if you missed it:

Shameless Plugs here:

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