Great hair within your reach with Bliss Salon & Spa’s Keraliss

Last Saturday (November 17, 2018), Bliss Salon & Spa held its grand opening at the 2nd floor of the new building in Golden City Santa Rosa Laguna. 

On their grand opening, all their major services were at 50% off! What a steal, right? Of course, it was expected that there were people who arrived early (earlier than me pa nga!) to get a hold of that great hair deal. Bliss Salon takes pride in their Keraliss Treatment which uses products that Ms. Joan (the owner) has imported all the way from Dubai! And ya girl had the privilege to experience their signature treatment. I’ll share with you the details of that shortly.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by their friendly stylists and Ms. Mabel who introduced me and my sister to Ms. Joan Pailan, the 1/2 of the owners of Bliss Salon. We were invited to indulge in the delicious food 
(which we enjoyed) that was served at the table before we started to take photos and videos.

After eating, I had a short interview with Ms. Joan and here’s a summary of the interview.

The story behind Bliss Salon

Ms. Joan Pailan and Sir Dexter Pailan are the owners of Bliss Salon & Spa which has two branches already located at Cabuyao and now at Golden City Santa Rosa.

Bliss Salon & Spa was never really in their plans in the beginning. Originally, Sir Dexter wanted to run a Pet Shop. When they saw a vacant commercial area, he added that he wanted a vet for the Pet Shop. But Ms. Joan did not completely agree with him. She suggested that instead of a Pet shop, a salon would be a better (and less hassle) option for their business in the making BUT, the salon she had in mind was intended for humans instead of pets. (no shade here. we love animals.) When they saw that a salon is a good business to run, they had their simple soft opening in Cabuyao. Business was doing great for them and the salon had its own regular customers from the area and from far places because of the salon’s good reputation. After a year, they decided to branch out since a lot of their customers were encouraging them to open a branch in Santa Rosa. You know when you see a place and you instantly get that feeling “THIS IS IT!”? That was what Sir Dexter felt when he saw the vacancy in the newest building of Golden City Santa Rosa. With no doubts and all hopes, they decided to create their second branch of Bliss Salon & Spa on October and finally held their grand opening on November 17, 2018.

So how did they get the skills and sources for the Salon?
Bliss Salon & Spa has a part owner who is based in Dubai. Ms. Joan gained the ideas from seeing the treatments, styles and techniques that were used in the salon when she was still in Dubai since they are more advance in that kind of industry. From there, she had contacts from suppliers and had tried products which she personally wanted for the salon. Before the salon even started, she had done some research on the best products to use on clients; products that she would personally use for herself. She envisioned Bliss as a salon that served quality and VIP treatments to its clients without burnigng a hole in their wallets. Through this mindset, Bliss Salon & Spa gained attention through referrals by satisfied clients turned regular customers and throughout the years, they have not gotten any backjobs since then.

Bliss Salon & Spa takes pride in their signature treatment which is the Keraliss treatment (1 day wash). The Keraliss Treatment promises that you will see results with just after 1 day. You do not have to wait for a long time to be able to get the full results of the treatment which is what makes the Keraliss Treatment of Bliss Salon & Spa stand out from the rest.

Ms. Joan and Sir Dexter dreams to make Bliss Salon & Spa more known to the public and have more branches throughout and outside of Laguna. To all the business starters, here’s a piece of advice from them : “Take the risk. Be prepared for failures. And make a business out of your passion. Create something that you will continue to love throughout your lifetime.”

After the interview, Ms. Joan introduced me to Ms. Sophia Nicole, one of the Senior Stylists of Bliss Salon & Spa who has been there since Day 1. Ms. Joan informed me that Ms. Nicole would be the one who will do the Keraliss Treatment for my hair and I am honored to have the privilege of being touched by the hands of one of their best hair stylists.

Throughout the whole process, Ms. Nicole explained to me how they catered to their clients, her personal experiences, and the products that they use depending on the treatment that the clients request. One thing that impressed me the most is that they keep such a good image of the salon and also serve the best for their clients. They make sure that after the treatment, the client would definitely feel more beautiful than ever. I have learned so much from them in just a day and I will definitely come back for more hair pampering and great conversations.

The Price List

You can check them out in these links below

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