House of Gui: A must-try for your Samgyeopsal/Yakiniku cravings

I first discovered House of Gui when I was looking for places to eat within Pacita area and I saw this new samgyeopsal house nearby so me and my boyfriend decided to try it out. Honestly, I have already tried eating at another samgyeopsal house before we even went to House of Gui Pacita branch so I was hoping and praying that this was better than the last one I tried. To my relief, they were waaaaay better than the other one. I loved everything about House of Gui and I knew that I will definitely be back there again, eating to my heart’s content.

So yesterday (December 2, 2018), My friend, Audrey, and I got to eat at the newest branch of House of Gui which is located at San Francisco 
Halang Binan beside the Flying V gasoline station. 

Photo from House of Gui’s Facebook Page

When we got there, we were immediately welcomed by their friendly staff as she guided us to our table. When we settled down, we were aproached by thr lovely Ms. Tes who is the co-owner of the House of Gui Binan Branch.

The Menu

A little bit of background

Sir Perie, the founder and owner of House of Gui, first opened their main branch in Pacita last April 6, 2018. At first, they did not expect that the business will do good but lo and behold, the response of the people were beyond overwhelming that they had to implement a cut-off because the stocks were running out due to the loads of customers coming in. Since then, House of Gui has gained regular customers because of the great choices of food they offer plus the beautiful presentation which adds to the appetite of the people. After the success of their Pacita branch, three months later, they finally opened a new and bigger branch in Binan last August 10 which is co-owned by Sir Perie and his sister Ms. Tes.

She directed us to the buffet table where she introduced to us the side dishes that were catered which are:

They also served miso which is not your regular tinunaw na knorr cubes soup haha! kidding but it really was delish!

After getting our side dishes, the meat (pork, chicken and beef), lettuce, sauces and kimchi were served to our table.

Just like before, I was again impressed by how nice the food presentation is and this is one of the first things I observe in every restaurant I go to. 

Besides the meat and everything, we were also privileged to be the first to try their double cheese add-on (which will soon be available so watch out for that!) which made the cheese-lover in me very much happy.

To summarize everything, here are my final thoughts:

  • The new location is bigger and they now have the exhaust duct to keep the smoke outside of the room. Also, their new branch is nearer to my house which is a big plus for me personally.
  • Their staff are very friendly and accommodating.
  • The aura of the place is calm yet enjoying which is why we enjoyed eating while having a chit-chat the whole time.
  • The prices are very affordable and they will not force you to choose a certain option which is something that I personally love about House of Gui.
  • Besides Korean dishes, they also serve Japanese food at the buffet table.
  • The meat were tender which made it easy to chew and swallow more food at a fast pace since it is unlimited. 
  • The sauces were very tasty and each had it’s unique flavor.
  • The kimchi was spicy but manageable.
  • The lettuce were fresh and moist which is also a plus because I looove lettuce.
  • Finally, as a cheese lover, it was such a great thing that they finally have the double cheese add-on which made everything just absolutely delightful.

Overall, I loved EVERYTHING and I’m not even being biased. House of Gui is definitely a must-try for all the Samgyeopsal/Yakiniku lovers out there.

I would like to thank Sir Perie and Ms. Tes for inviting me and my friend to their newest branch and for letting us be the first to try the Cheesy Samgyeopsal which we both loved. 

House of Gui has 2 branches that you can visit:

  1. San Pedro – Pacita Branch
    Blk, 3 lot 1 Pacita Ave, Ph 3\5 Brgy. San Vicente
    San Pedro Laguna.
    Between 10th and 11th Street
    in front of BigCha
  2. Biñan-Halang Branch
    RJ Commercial Bldg. 2098-A
    Halang Road Brgy. San Francisco
    Biñan Laguna
    Beside Flying V Gas Station

They are open daily from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

You can also check out their social media links here:

FB Pages:


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