WishCard with Art in Island (My first event!)

Last Saturday (September 22, 2018), Wish 107.5 held an event for Bloggers and Vloggers at Art in Island. This was my first EVER event as a blogger so I woke up at 6 AM and was on my way by 9 AM but I arrived in Cubao at 1:30 PM (I repeat, 1:30 PM!) Traffic... Continue Reading →


Reaching the Dream

Yesterday was Qatar Airways' CV Pooling event at Novotel Araneta where hundreds of aspiring applicants hoped to be chosen as one of the fortunate passers of the event. All those who attended the event were invited via email and only invited applicants were allowed to attend the pooling. Me and my friend Ivy (the girl... Continue Reading →

On handling insecurities

I know you've probably read a ton of blogs about boosting your self-confidence, handling insecurities, loving your own self, etc. but here is my take on learning how to love yourself and feel like a diva who can slay the world. Have you ever wanted to uninstall your Instagram account because you follow too many... Continue Reading →

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