Tick Tock

Every turn of the hands of the clock A second goes past, it never stops You hear the echo, tick tock tick tock Time is slowly running up Do not look back and keep it straight The race does not go right that way Live your life not by your fate For happiness is what's... Continue Reading →



Salty, wet, needles and pins stuck on my head A river of words kept locked in my eyes What came in never washed out For I am a prisoner of my own mind Endless wars of what ifs and what should be Blinded to follow a law for misfits Covered in makeup to conceal the... Continue Reading →


Never have I met a statue in person With head so enormous as the clouds in the sky Blind yet continuously looks at the mirror Not a care in the world not a shit to be given. Rude as a missus who never got a mister head so high an ego that cannot wither surrounded... Continue Reading →

Born to write.

I was a person without a voice a being without a purpose a useless matter on the surface on the earth no sound was appropriate for every feeling that was bursting out of this small yet spacious thing called a heart yet poetry was my calling and words became my rhythm and through poems, a... Continue Reading →


‘Tis true that the eyes are blind to see of the smoke emerging inside of me the fire keeps silent while the eyes bleed sorrow bursting and no love received a battle of gods from up above to live or die, where should I start No man could ever see in the dark a path... Continue Reading →


Stop. Just stop. I got to the point where silence was the only way for peace. For my peace of mind. No one is listening. My heart is screaming. Yet my mouth is smiling. What’s real? I’m blind to what is real. How can I see their battles when in my battles I can’t win.... Continue Reading →


Sharper than knife Heavier than metal Greater than the waves Dark as the rain Something that kills not the body but the soul an ignorant ache struck through the heart it’ll run through your vein it’ll tear you apart though it hurts you will rise stronger yet shattered broken from the inside.


There’s something about pain that makes you feel human Alive, hurting, breathing Yet every breath comes from the deepest darkest pit mind keeps throbbing heart keeps bleeding unintentionally and it’s all on you.


You. You held me when I was broken You waited for me to pick up the pieces You mended the wounds that bled You loved me til I loved myself You taught me how to be human You made me see the reality You made me feel alive more than ever You embraced all the... Continue Reading →

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