Tick Tock

Every turn of the hands of the clock A second goes past, it never stops You hear the echo, tick tock tick tock Time is slowly running up Do not look back and keep it straight The race does not go right that way Live your life not by your fate For happiness is what's... Continue Reading →


Affordable skincare from Shopee PH + Skincare Routine

If you know me personally, you'll know that I'm a sucker for affordable and effective skincare. Recently, I have been trying to do the 10 step Korean skincare BUT with local brands. I still don't have the complete set for the skincare so I decided to go to Shopee to see if there are possible... Continue Reading →

Pinatos Chibugang Pinoy

Trouble finding somewhere to eat? Still in that long process of deciding where to go with your jowa ("jowa" is a tagalog word for girlfriend or boyfriend)? If you're in the Rosario, San Pedro or Southwoods Binan area, you'd definitely want to try here.   They have two areas where you can choose if you'd... Continue Reading →

The famous “Dream Cake”

If you've been scrolling through IG or Facebook, you've probably seen this cake one or two times. This is the viral "Dream Cake" that has been raved by so many people now including celebrities and vloggers! So yesterday, my mom came home with pasalubong ("pasalubong" is a present usually given by one arriving from a... Continue Reading →

Crop Top from Penshoppe | Pencil Skirt from tiangge(bazaar) in Pacita | Shoes from World Balance

Reaching the Dream

Yesterday was Qatar Airways' CV Pooling event at Novotel Araneta where hundreds of aspiring applicants hoped to be chosen as one of the fortunate passers of the event. All those who attended the event were invited via email and only invited applicants were allowed to attend the pooling. Me and my friend Ivy (the girl... Continue Reading →

Turks and Lawson

A while ago, I was craving for shawarma so bad that the jowa ("jowa" is a tagalog word for boyfriend/girlfriend) took me to the mall to eat. When we arrived, we went straight to the food hall at the third floor and you can see the Turks sign even before entering. We bought the Beef... Continue Reading →

On handling insecurities

I know you've probably read a ton of blogs about boosting your self-confidence, handling insecurities, loving your own self, etc. but here is my take on learning how to love yourself and feel like a diva who can slay the world. Have you ever wanted to uninstall your Instagram account because you follow too many... Continue Reading →


Salty, wet, needles and pins stuck on my head A river of words kept locked in my eyes What came in never washed out For I am a prisoner of my own mind Endless wars of what ifs and what should be Blinded to follow a law for misfits Covered in makeup to conceal the... Continue Reading →

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